Wedding Party


Maid of Honour: Ashley Walker

Ashley is Katherine's sister and best friend. Upon graduating high school in North Vancouver, they moved to Ottawa to get their Bachelor of Commerce degrees from Carleton University. During their time at university, Ashley and Katherine decided to partake in a 10 month study abroad exchange program at the University of South Australia in Adelaide, Australia.


Although Ashley and Katherine currently live in different provinces, they are able to see each other almost monthly with regular trips between Calgary, Vancouver and Kaslo, BC.

Bridesmaid: Marisa Allen

Having met when they were three years old, Marisa is one of Katherine's oldest friends (here's proof!). Marisa and Katherine bonded in high school over a love of cream soda slurpees and White Spot grilled cheese sandwhiches. Summers were spent rollerblading around Stanley Park, playing beach volleyball at Ambleside beach and driving around in Katherine's Jeep with the roof off.

Bridesmaid: Kim Jenkins

Katherine and Ashley met Kim on their first day at Carleton University and have been friends ever since. Many laughs have been shared over the years, whether it was while attempting to study for mid-terms, touring around New York City, or during one of her many trips to Calgary and Vancouver. Kim is considered 'one of the family', and is one of our family dog Jasper's favourites (because she feeds him ice cubes).

Bridesmaid: Molly Rankin

Molly is Michael’s younger sister. Although she lives in Toronto and is often busy touring, Michael and Katherine try to see her as much as possible and it usually involves a game or two of Auction.

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Best Man: Matt MacDonald

Mike and Matt met on the first day of school in Judique back in 1990. Growing up in the woods, they used to bike back and forth to each others' houses on old dirt roads. In high school the bikes were retired with the boys choosing to sputter to rink dances in Mike's Tercel and Matt's Festiva.


The two parted ways after high school when Matt took off to Saint Mary's in Halifax, and Mike set out to study at St. F.X. in Antigonish. Both settled down in Calgary after finishing their degrees, and now Matt works as an engineer in Grande Prairie.

Groomsman: Bryon Campbell

Bryon and Michael met playing hockey when they were little, and ended up going to high school together later on. After high school they both headed to St. F.X. where Bryon studied Human Kinetics. Michael and Bryon were roommates in Antigonish at St. F.X., and also lived together in Calgary after graduating.

Groomsman: Greg Cummings

Greg and Michael met in High School where they shared an interest in the fine arts, and a profound respect for Mario Lemieux. Greg now lives in Ontario where he owns and operates several Shoppers Drug Marts. If you find yourself standing beside Greg and wanting to chat, feel free to bring up the time he shadowed a 14-year-old Sidney Crosby and held him to a measly 7 points.

Groomsman: Luke Vigeant

Luke and Michael met in their first year of University and got along great ever since. Luke is probably the greatest ping pong player Michael has ever seen. Luke lives in Ontario but works in New York as the CTO of a tech company.

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